We help our clients implement lasting business solutions that increase the level of performance and increase the value of the company. Our consulting is also aimed at financial and government sector consulting.


These services are provided by multidisciplinary professionals with extensive experience in different sectors of the economy, not only the traditional ones, but also include the Environment, energy, telecommunications, and oil and gas sectors; We also have former public officials for issues related to the Government Sector, all of our professionals are permanently supported by our International Network of JPA International Firms.



Financial and Accounting Advice


  • IFRS Full Consulting and SMEs
  • Development and Implementation of Processes for Internal Control Under the COSO Approach (Including SOX)
  • Preparation of Financial Statements under Regulatory Frameworks (IFRS / USGAAP)
  • Preparation of budgets and Financial Projections
  • Home Training - (IFRS - USGGAP)

Corporate Advisory


  • Consulting for Corporate Risk Management
  • Development of Human Capital
  • Change of Organizational Culture
  • Structuring and Evaluation of Projects
  • Financial Consulting
  • Financial Analysis
  • Portfolio Structuring
  • Risk Assessment and Management


Transaction Consulting


  • Business Valuation (due diligence) - Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Valuation of Intangibles
  • Valuation of Assets

Advice for the Government Sector


  • Consulting on International Financial Reporting Standards under Public Sector Accounting -CGN
  • Integrated Institutional Management System
  • Internal Control of the Government Sector
  • Government Sector Budget
  • Government Sector Training


Other services


  • Implementation of Sustainability Reports (GRI)
  • Implementation of ISO Quality Systems
  • Prevention of Money Laundering andTerrorist Financing
  • Structuring Orange Economy Projects
  • Home Training - Business Topics